Charlotte Schaffel

Charlotte Schaffel of Houston, Texas 88 years of age, died on Sunday, May 6, 2018. She suffered from COPD and congestive Heart Failure.

Charlotte was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 18, 1929. She grew up in a middle-class family and was deeply loved. Her parents owned a restaurant in a bath house in Chicago where she would help out in the kitchen when she was a little girl. She had three siblings one surviving today, living in California. She married young at eighteen to Sam Feinhandler having four children to care for. She spent most of her time washing clothes, cooking, ironing for her children as there was little time to do anything else.  After thirteen years of marriage she divorced. She never remarried but found comfort with a male friend “Al” for ten years while moving to Houston. Following her break up with him, she literally devoted her entire life to her children whom one by one followed her to Houston.

She waitressed for years and later worked in a muffin shop in the tunnel of Downtown Houston. She was very well liked.

Charlotte loved to travel, listen to music, dance and watch her movies. She made a trip out to see her daughter in California and loved gambling in Las Vegas. She even lived in California for a year working in a Jewish Home for the Aging. She was also the biggest fan of Hollywood Stars on the Planet. She kept up with all of them and was proud of it. She was a romantic and loved those movies like Love is a many Splendid Thing, The Holiday, The Guardian, Mama Mia, Delovely, You’ve got mail just to name a few. Most of all she LOVED her children….and her niece dog Annie. Annie loved her deeply.

There are great memories shared particularly the last 9 years of her life when she moved in with her daughter Donna. There she celebrated life and every Birthday, Holiday year after year.  She had a fun- loving spirit who   danced to the music, laughed happily and ate the very best of gourmet foods. She never begrudged herself and would always say, “Why not, you only live once “

Her body started failing her last year and slowly getting worse. After five trips to the hospital over a one-year period she was set up for Hospice. She told her family she was miserable, suffering so and wanted G-d to take her. She saw G-d and he told her when it was time surrounding her with Angels with giant wings. She was no longer afraid to die and passed away. She is no longer in pain.

We will remember her most by her enormous LOVE and Devotion to her children. We will miss you every second of every day “Ma”.

In memory of Charlotte, a Graveside Funeral Service will be held at 2:30 pm, Wednesday, May 9, 2018, in Beth Yeshurun Post Oak Cemetery, 1037 N Post Oak Road, Houston, Texas 77055; Rabbi David Rosen will officiate.



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