Sarah Ann Erenwert

Sarah Erenwert was born on December 22, 1929 and died on August 2, 2018. She is preceded in death by parents Hildegard and Albert Pross, husband, Aron Erenwert, Brother,Heinz Pross, Grandson Jason Erenwert and her beloved son, Billy Erenwert.

She is survived by daughter, Ruth Maierson and husband Don, son, Josef Erenwert and wife Pansy, son Martin Erenwert and wife Lisa, son Barry Erenwert and wife Debra, son Michael Erenwert and wife Sharon, daughter Dory Ridings and husband Hal; Grandchildren Shari, Mark, and Jeff Maierson, Raechel Bippert, Brent Erenwert, Ashleigh DeLafuente, Angela Leach, Mandy Garner, and Ethan, Drew, and Leah Erenwert; 18 great-grandchildren; brothers Albert and Deiter Pross, sister Inge Greschner, sister-in-law Elfriede, niece Claudia Pross, nephew Bernt Pross and many friends.

As the matriarch of the family, she was not perfect but was incredibly close. She was well loved, admired and respected not only by her family but by all of those whose lives she touched. Her generous nature, fierce devotion, unwavering faith and accidentally hilarious sense of humor will have a lasting effect on all of those who were fortunate enough to have been loved by her.

Graveside services will be held at Beth Jacob cemetery on Sunday, August 5, at 11 AM.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.


Comments for Sarah Ann Erenwert's Obituary


  1. Estelle & Pia

    11 months ago  

    Dear Erenwert family and friends, we got to meet the lovely Helga thanks to Billy and feel so honored to have known her. She had such a presence, huge heart and great sense of humor. In our eyes, she will always be the Erenwert matriarch, and we hope that today, on what would have been Billy’s 56th birthday, they are long last reunited and having a raucous time. We miss them both but are so blessed to have had them in our lives. Our heartfelt sympathy on a beyond incredible lady whose legacy lives on through each and everyone of you. What a beautiful close-knit family you are —Helga did well!

  2. Brent Erenwert

    12 months ago  


    It took me a few days to really come up with exactly what I wanted to write here as so many thoughts came to my mind. My initial thoughts were filled with a great deal of regret. My thoughts were about how busy life has become. I thought about how over the years how I could have taken those some of the extra moments I had to call or stop by more than I did. However over the last few days it was amazement that ultimately helped me overcome the regret that filled me. You were, are, and will always be the queen of this amazing, successful, and hard working unique family. You were the wizard behind the curtain enabling the Erenwert family to be what it is today. Each and every one of us has our own pieces of you in them. I know that I personally have learned and acquired some form of skill, trait or characteristic from each and every one of your children. I would not be who I am without the mold you helped make. My heart hurts most for all the children because they lost the best gift in their lives that God gives us next to our own children, but I know the other great life he gives us is a memory. There is a lifetime full of memories and stories to pass on for several generations. One thing I truly enjoyed seeing the must is that when anyone was with you it was their time with you, no distractions. We live in a world where we must know “things can wait”, even a simple phone call. Nearly anytime I called someone that was in your presence I was told “I’m with Grandma, I’ll call you back”. I think that is a powerful thing because you were able to garner all of their attention and they cherished that moment with you. So to conclude I am honored and amazed to know that I was blessed as a descendent of an angel who truly loved and accepted all. I will forever walk live my life different as I truly grasp more now that things can wait. It is up to us to spend times with those special to you because memories last forever. I love you Grandma and I know while your not here with us you will forever be with with us smiling down.

  3. Margaret Schueler

    12 months ago  

    Dear Helga,
    You and your family have been great neighbors for many years. We thank you. And we’ll miss you.
    May God welcome you into His loving arms. Our prayers go with you.
    Irvin & Margaret Schueler

  4. Sharon Erenwert

    12 months ago  

    Grandma, you were the most wonderful mother in law a girl could ever ask for. You accepted, and welcomed me the first time I ever met you. You were and awesome Mother, Mother in law, and especially the best grandma our kids could ever ask for. May you find peace, and comfort for eternal life. You will be missed terribly, but remembered by all! Love you always!

  5. Joe H Erenwert

    12 months ago  

    You were always there for me. I will always treasure the memories. The best mother a person could have had. God keep you and may you start another journey far away with love, free.of sickness and worries.
    I love you for all of my days!

  6. Raechel Erenwert

    12 months ago  

    Grandma, I miss you so much already. You were like a 2nd mom to me after my mom died. You were ALWAYS there with two open arms and love in your heart. You are a part of me and I will hold on to that. I love you and I will keep missing you terribly.

  7. Libbie Hicks Martinez

    12 months ago  

    Mrs. Erenwert was a big and very happy part of my childhood. You all lived next door to us on Branard from when I was three until you moved to Bellaire. I was an only child, so the Erenwert clan was a constant and wonderful source of playmates; you, Michael, were the first baby I ever had much to do with; Mrs Erenwert was a constant, kind, adult in the background or foreground, as needed: she once picked me up and carried me home when I fell into and was scratched up by a bunch of rose bushes! I visited her a few years ago and kept planning to do so again. I wish I had. But I thought then, as I think now, what a life of the richness of family love! What a gift and a blessing: her to her family first of all, and of course her family to her. “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue … Her children rise up and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31: 26,28.That whole passage could have been written about Mrs Erenwert. Please accept my condolences. Know that I remember her with respect, affection, and even awe.

    • Michael Erenwert

      12 months ago  

      I was that baby you got to experiment with!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my mother. I am glad she made a positive impression on your life.

      • Libbie Hicks Martinez

        12 months ago  

        It was really great to see and talk with you and my other former playmates and reminisce about your mom on Monday night!

  8. Michael Erenwert

    12 months ago  

    Mom, needless to say I Love You! I am thankful that I got to spend time with you as an adult and would never have made it this far without your time when I was a child. My Mondays will have a void at dinner time, watching “The Voice”, movies, just talking, and oh yeah…you crushing me most of the time at Yahtzee!
    You exist in the good part of me, which went into the good streak of my children, and it is now in that smile of Mila and Baby E due next month. You will always be in the best of all of us for all generations. Michael Erenwert

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