Khanna Davidovna Verman

Khanna was born September 12, 1927 in Ukraine into a poor Jewish family with nine children. From her early years she was helping her parents with the other brothers and sisters.

During WWII family was living in Pavlov, Russia. Khanna’s Father and older brother were in the military and the rest of the family was struggling with poverty.

After WWII Khanna moved to Minsk, Belarus and worked at phone/communication center for 50 years by starting at entry level and retiring as head of a key department.  Khanna was awarded medal “Veteran of Labor”.

Personally, she was honest and kind. Good sister and kind grandmother. She gave everything to her family, husband and grandkids.

During her stay at Goldberg Tower, she actively participated in activities and was well respected by neighbors for her kindness and attention to people’s needs.

Khanna will always be remembered as kind and responsive person.

A graveside service was held on Thursday, May 10, 2018 in Beth Israel Memorial Gardens with Cantor Tunitsky officiating.

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